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Eating ice cream with a member of the Aglamesis family

If anyone has reason to be sick of eating of ice cream, it's Dianne Lytle.

As the daughter of James Aglamesis, who's been running the Aglamesis Brothers ice cream business for more than five decades, Lytle was raised on the stuff.

Yet despite a nightly dessert of Aglamesis ice cream for the entirety of her youth, Lytle has never tired of scoops full of her family's sugary delicacy.

"I didn't realize how amazingly good I had it as a kid," Lytle says. "I had just thought, 'Oh, sure, doesn't everyone have like a bazillion flavors in their freezer to choose from every evening?' "

As she sits at the counter of the Aglamesis Brothers store in Oakley surrounded by turn-of-the-20th-century ice cream parlor décor, Lytle enjoys a scoop of the seasonal pumpkin flavor with bitter sauce and reflects on the long history of the company founded by her grandfather and his brother.

Immigrants from Sparta, Greece, Thomas and Nicholas Aglamesis started Aglamesis Brothers in 1908. The Oakley store and the ice cream plant located behind it were built in 1911. The building's top floors, which then housed the Aglamesis and their families, now serve as the production facility for the chocolate and candy products.

Lytle's father, James, took over the company in the 1950s. He's now 80 years old and still works there seven days a week. Lytle returned to Cincinnati to work with her dad a decade ago after working in the banking and consulting fields.

"(The Aglamesis family) business has a lot of heart," Lytle says. "The allure of this environment was too hard to resist."

Lytle has no idea if that allure will eventually appeal enough to her 6-year-old son that he'll want to follow her into the family business. But she does know he isn't tired of eating ice cream yet.

"If we're down to two flavors, he's telling me to make sure I bring some home," Lytle says.

Aglamesis Brothers is located at 3046 Madison Road, Oakley and 9899 Montgomery Road, Montgomery. For more info, call 513-531-5196 or visit

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Writer Matt Mulcahey enjoys some ice cream with operations director Dianne Lytle at Aglamesis Brothers in Oakley.
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Writer Matt Mulcahey enjoys some ice cream with operations director Dianne Lytle at Aglamesis Brothers in Oakley.


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